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8 Super Healthy Seeds You Should Eat

Source of energy and nutrients: vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, seeds are an original way to enrich any dish and also take care of your health. In this article, you will discover eight of them that you should add to your diet.

1. Poppy

Its most prominent property is that they contain linoleic acid, which helps prevent the formation of tumors.

In addition, they exert a mild sedative effect on the nervous system.

There are two kinds:

Those of the white poppy and those of the black poppy.

The most common are the dark ones, which are used as a cover for breads or in sweet preparations, and also as an ingredient in salads and vinaigrettes.

2. Amaranth

The fiber content of amaranth (6.7%) is higher than that of most cereals, which contributes to the good functioning of the intestine and the balance of the microbiome or intestinal flora.

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8 Simple Strategies for a Healthier Dinner

Want some good suggestions to kill the hunger when the sun goes down and learn to escape nightly ambushes at the table?

It is a fact: there are foods and situations that boycott the last meal of the day, making it dangerous for the body and increasing the risk of problems such as excessive weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure. But it is not necessary to skip dinner, no. Far from it! Follow the simple tips below and you will see the moon rise in the sky without feeling hungry or letting gluttony shake the body.

1. Avoid greasy foods

These are usually the hardest items to digest, which culminates in our organs working overtime. It does not mean that you have to give up meat, for example. Just choose lean cuts and modest portions.

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