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10 Dishes You Can Prepare the Day Before

To savor a plate of stuffed artichokes, macaroni with broccoli or peas with squid you can cook it today and sit at the table, or leave it ready to enjoy it the next day. Do not limit yourself to the usual… the possibilities are enormous. Here are ten make-ahead dish ideas:

1. Spinach and pumpkin meatballs

Because of its low caloric intake, spinach is a food that fits very well in weight loss diets.

Also the pumpkin is hypocaloric and also has a remarkable satiating effect due to its high mucilage content.

Extra tip: The yogurt sauce completes the recipe with animal protein.

2. Eggplant boats

The protagonists of this dish are eggplants, a delicious proposal that facilitates digestion thanks to its ability to stimulate the function of the liver and gallbladder.

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