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8 Easy and Quick to Prepare Cold Soups

With the arrival of heat, hydration is essential. And one of the best options in the kitchen are cold creamed soups, and gazpachos. You're going to love these low calorie proposals.

1. Tomato soup, super antioxidant

Although its main ingredient, tomato, is a good source of fiber and minerals (potassium and phosphorus), the most remarkable thing is its antioxidant power due to its high content of vitamins C and E.

Extra: The protein from the mozzarella cheese balls completes this simple and refreshing recipe.

2. Melon ajoblanco, low calorie hydration

80% of the melon is water, and the few calories it contributes is due to its moderate content of sugars.

It is perfect to cool off in summer, as well as part of a weight loss diet.

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