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The 7 Most Common Food Allergies

It is not yet clear why the proteins in some foods cause allergic responses. Although there is not enough official data on incidences, it is worth keeping an eye on the subject, since indications show that it is on the rise. And worse: the manifestations, which afflict about 5% of children and 2% of adults, are more varied and serious. Here is a list of foods likely to cause the most adverse reactions.

1. Milk and dairy products

They are the biggest cause of allergy in the US – basically because of the proteins casein, alpha-lactalbumin and beta-lactoglobulin. In general, up to 5 years of age, the child tolerates them. It is important to adjust the diet and not suffer from the absence of calcium, vital to the bones. According to Renata Pinotti, a nutritionist specializing in food allergy, there is no point in choosing goat's milk – the proteins are similar and the chance of reaction is 92%. Still according to Pinotti, it is rare to see this allergy in adults. "I followed only two cases in 15 years," he reports.

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