8 Simple Strategies for a Healthier Dinner

Want some good suggestions to kill the hunger when the sun goes down and learn to escape nightly ambushes at the table?

It is a fact: there are foods and situations that boycott the last meal of the day, making it dangerous for the body and increasing the risk of problems such as excessive weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure. But it is not necessary to skip dinner, no. Far from it! Follow the simple tips below and you will see the moon rise in the sky without feeling hungry or letting gluttony shake the body.

1. Avoid greasy foods

These are usually the hardest items to digest, which culminates in our organs working overtime. It does not mean that you have to give up meat, for example. Just choose lean cuts and modest portions.

2. Beware of snacks

There are those who find the celebrated snack lighter than a plate of food. Not really. Hot dog and sandwiches filled with sauces and sausages can garner a much larger amount of calories. If you still want a practical sandwich, prioritize light breads (and whole) and lean fillings such as tuna, sardines, chicken and white cheese. Finish with ricotta cream or dry curd.

3. Do not leave vegetables aside

Dinner is an excellent opportunity to boost your vegetable intake. Salads go well on a plate of rice, beans and meat or alone, close to sleep. It is also a key ingredient of sanduba.

4. Rethink the food delivery

Arriving home hungry and running into an empty pantry is an incentive to order some fast food. The most common are pizza and hamburger, heavy options for the end of the day. It is better to always have good alternatives around. When shopping, do not forget more balanced snacks. So, at night and in front of the TV, try to replace the ice cream and microwave popcorn with fruits, yogurt, vitamins, nuts and the like.

5. Do not cut out carbohydrates

Foods such as tubers, rice, pasta and bread are allowed at dusk. Only you can not eat an entire plate full – a valid message for any ingredient. Give preference to organic versions.

6. Invest in supper without fear

Whoever dines around 7:00 p.m. and sleeps around midnight may feel hungry before bedtime. In that moment, choose items like yogurt, fruit, milk and even a spicy soup.

7. Eat less at breakfast

For experts, lining the belly well early in the morning is crucial in order not to have cravings at night. To make it easier, leave the breakfast table half-full.

8. Plan the routine

You pack to travel – so to should you with the food. Think of your routine from coffee to supper. If you arrive home late and succumb to temptations, how about preparing dishes for the entire week?

About the Author: Jane Thompson

My name is Jane and I am a health fanatic! I love to eat healthy as well as live a healthy lifestyle. I live in Los Angeles, California with my two amazing yorkies Tasha and Alexander. Being a So-Cal girl means that I love spending time outside running, riding my bike, and going to the beach.