8 Easy and Quick to Prepare Cold Soups

With the arrival of heat, hydration is essential. And one of the best options in the kitchen are cold creamed soups, and gazpachos. You're going to love these low calorie proposals.

1. Tomato soup, super antioxidant

Although its main ingredient, tomato, is a good source of fiber and minerals (potassium and phosphorus), the most remarkable thing is its antioxidant power due to its high content of vitamins C and E.

Extra: The protein from the mozzarella cheese balls completes this simple and refreshing recipe.

2. Melon ajoblanco, low calorie hydration

80% of the melon is water, and the few calories it contributes is due to its moderate content of sugars.

It is perfect to cool off in summer, as well as part of a weight loss diet.

Extra: It is prepared as a classic ajoblanco but mixing melon, gives it a very particular contrast. Add the water at the end since the melon can make the recipe more liquid.

3. Mint soup, pure freshness

You can also make soup with this aromatic plant that we usually use as a dressing. Thus, we benefit from its digestive properties, carminative (helps combat aerophagia and intestinal meteorism) and antiseptic.

Extra: The base of this soup is wet crushed bread with a few leaves of mint. Add a bit of olive oil at the end.

4. Mango gazpacho

The mango transforms the mundane into exotic, also providing its high content of magnesium, vitamin C and provitamin A.

In addition to mango, the apples ability to regulate the intestinal transit completes this healthy proposal.

Extra: Prepare it like a classic gazpacho but without red pepper and reduce a little the amount of tomato that you will compensate with the mango.

5. Cucumber and apple soup

Cucumber makes this cold soup the perfect entree in slimming diets. This is so for two reasons, its low carbohydrate content and the potent diuretic effect.

The addition of yogurt adds protein to this refreshing soup.

The (soluble) fiber of the apple is a good ally against constipation

Extra: It is as easy as crushing apple, cucumber, yogurt, lemon juice and spring onion.

6. Gazpacho peppers, vitamins from the garden

Although peppers are best known for the valuable antioxidant power that their vitamin C content gives them, it is also a source of fiber.

Like the rest of vegetables, its protein content is very low and contains hardly any fat.

This gazpacho has the same amount of roasted red pimeinto as tomato and very little cucumber.

Extra: You can decorate it with quail eggs, as an alternative to ham, to give it extra protein.

7. Pumpkin cream, orange power

Its orange color betrays its content in beta-carotene or provitamin A. It also provides significant amounts of vitamin C and E (antioxidants).

The recipe is completed by two very healthy ingredients: carrots and leeks, which respectively add provitamin A and fiber.

Extra: Sprinkle with sesame seeds. It helps reduce cholesterol levels and is beneficial for regulating bowel function.

8. Gazpacho, a classic

Regardless of the proportions of what is added (depending on the taste of each one), the mixture of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions is a healthy cocktail of nutrients.

The vitamin A and C content of the peppers, tomato and cucumber stand out, as well as the mineral contribution of the onion (calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus).

Extra: If you thicken it enough, you can spread it on wholemeal toast, adding carbohydrates.

How to Hydrate Better

Maintaining good hydration is good advice that we should follow throughout the year. In the summer months, it is even more important.

If you are usually recommended the consumption of two liters of water each day, with high temperatures it would be advisable to increase this amount up to three and a half liters, depending on your age, the ambient temperature and if you lead an active or rather sedentary life.

  • To achieve the recommended intake you can drink a few more glasses of water per day. But there are also options that may be more attractive to you.
  • Among them, we suggest that you include in your daily menus, recipes such as gazpacho and cold soups.
  • Not only will you increase the hydration you need, you will also be contributing to your body important nutrients that strengthen your health and ingredients that give you new flavors and textures.
  • At the office: take a bottle with one of these soups as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Healthy, light and delicious!

About the Author: Mackenzie Brown

My name is Mackenzie and I hail from London, England. I am passionate about healthy food and exercise. I find myself at the gym 4 to 5 nights each week after work and on weekends when I am not busy volunteering at my local animal shelter. I love to travel, read, and listen to music. I am a huge fan of pop music.