7 Ways to Avoid Consuming Hundreds of Calories

Small attitudes can help the caloric balance of those who want to lose weight. The following ones could be a good start!

1. Eat fruit instead of drinking juice

The drink (box or ordered in the restaurant) is often sweetened with sugar, which ends up multiplying the number of calories present. In addition, much of the fiber present in the in natural food is lost during the preparation process.

The solution to these two problems is the consumption of the fruit itself – which goes even to preventing attacks by candy in the middle of the day.

2. Go for oilseeds

Swap the processed snacks for a handful of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, which have a low glycemic index, are digested slowly and guarantee satiety until the next meal.

3. Chew well

The longer you take to swallow a food, the longer your brain has to make you realize that you are no longer hungry. "It is during chewing that leptin, the satiety hormone, begins to be released," explains Alan Scaglione, a nutritionist. This means that eating slowly makes you want fewer snacks and consequently consume fewer calories.

4. Arrive later at Happy Hour

Great tactic to limit consumption of alcohol and fatty foods. Arriving an hour or two late (tell the guys beforehand!) Will save your body a few drinks and appetizers.

If possible, make a healthy snack before going to the bar – so you avoid eating fried foods and more caloric options, which are very appealing when we are hungry.

5. Pack your lunchbox

Preparing food at home avoids the trap of falling into the endless temptations served at the buffet of restaurants around the office – both in terms of choices and quantity. If you can not prepare all the meals for the week on Sunday night, start the change slowly and carry a lunch box with you at least once a week.

6. Exercise before breakfast

"The practice of physical activity releases hormones that arouse a sense of well-being, increase mood, and enhance satiety," says Alan. All this helps you to ingest less calories for the rest of the day, starting with breakfast.

7. Drink water before meals

The liquid fills part of the stomach and causes you to eat less at the time the dish arrives – especially if it is rich in soluble fiber. "When they come into contact with water, they form a kind of gel that stimulates satiety more quickly and for longer," says the specialist. One glass is enough to have the benefits.

About the Author: Mackenzie Brown

My name is Mackenzie and I hail from London, England. I am passionate about healthy food and exercise. I find myself at the gym 4 to 5 nights each week after work and on weekends when I am not busy volunteering at my local animal shelter. I love to travel, read, and listen to music. I am a huge fan of pop music.