7 Effective Ways to Cheat Hunger

Do you have a hard time resisting caloric things? A recent study has shown that when brain weight is too much, it is harder to say “no” to sugar and fat. But we know how you can “cheat”. Here are seven effective ways to do this:

1. Put a blue light on your refrigerator

Some dietitians recommend installing a small led blue light inside the refrigerator.

It has been shown that this color can “calm” when nerves make you visit the refrigerator. Wait a few seconds after opening it and you can better choose what you are going to take.

2. Eat with slow music

Relaxed music makes you chew more and eat more slowly, experts say.

And that helps you… An American study ensures that women who eat more slowly consume fewer calories.

But, be careful, if you put music too fast and with changes of rhythm the effect will be the opposite.

3. The dessert: in white plate

If you are a sweet lover, this trick will help you to take less sugar when finishing the meal.

With the dish of that color you deceive your palate. Look at the reason given by Canadian scientists: a food served in a round and white dish we perceive as sweeter than if we took it in a dark or square container.

4. The trick of proportion

If you eat small plates and use dessert plates, it will seem like you are eating more.

In this way, your view will play in your favor. And this is the best way to serve small amount without your brain seems that the ration is small.

5. The fruit: in a heavy bowl

If you think that fruit snack does not “fill” you, some neuropsychologists recommend serving it in a heavy bowl and holding it with your hands.

In this way, the feeling of fullness is greater. And is that the weight of the bowl in the hand tells the brain that the amount of food that is being ingested is important.

6. Cravings… on a red plate!

We return to color therapy because this little trick can help reduce up to 40% of total calories by taking a caloric dish.

The reason, according to German and Swiss researchers, is that we associate red with prohibition, danger and stopping. Therefore, the plate itself reminds us to stop when we eat.

7. Have healthy options always at hand

Having the temptations in sight makes everything much more difficult for you. But it also happens the other way around…

When you start to fell hungry, the brain pushes you to search you for any food. That’s why it’s convenient for you to have healthy products on hand and store them on the closest shelves in your pantry.

Other ways to “confuse” your mind

Surely you know a person who never “pecks” at anything between hours. How do they do that?

Surely your brain manages to put the “trial” before the “reward”. And, although that capacity depends on many factors, here are some ways to improve it:

  • You did not forbid, you changed habits. A study in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience showed that the brains of people who follow restrictive diets continuously are less able to choose healthy foods when they perceive hunger.
  • Do not try to put up with hunger. While your body has “reserves” of glucose your control capacity is high. When your level drops too low, your brain pushes you to take fatty foods and sugars, which provide energy in a fast way.
  • What if it’s thirst instead of hunger? Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger, and just by drinking a glass of water that desire to eat is diluted. Other times anxiety “pushes” us to eat. If it happens to you, breathing deeply for a couple of minutes can return calm and reduce the need to take a caloric food to your mouth.

About the Author: Tony Parker

Hey Everyone! My name is Tony Parker and my personality is larger than life. I love to workout and eat a proper diet. My two favorite things are traveling and cooking. When I am not jetsetting around the world, I find myself in the kitchen trying to perfect new ways to cook the healthy meals that I love.