5 Super Foods to Recover After the Holidays

Foie gras, smoked salmon, champagne, ice log… The holiday meals, often very rich in fats and sugar, mistreat our body. To recover from these excessive foods, rely on the following detox foods that will become your best allies to regain your vitality.

1. Green vegetables

To regain balance, head for green vegetables! Often neglected during the holidays, they are perfect for treating the acidity of the diet and cleansing the body.

Green vegetables contain the essential nutrients to eliminate: potassium accelerates drainage and antioxidants reduce inflammation. Also rich in fiber, green vegetables facilitate transit and help improve digestion.

Broccoli, spinach, green beans, leek, watercress, lamb's lettuce, celery, Brussels sprouts… The choice is wide and will vary your menus without getting bored.

Among these vegetables, the artichoke is a must-have health asset. A true ally of the liver, it promotes the secretion of bile and its evacuation to the intestine. Thanks to its high potassium content, it is a good diuretic. You can consume it cooked but also drink it throughout the day. For this, mix three tablespoons of artichoke extract in half a liter of water.

Light and low in calories, green vegetables, cooked or raw, are to be consumed without moderation!

2. The lemon

To purify your liver and clean, there is nothing like lemon juice. Alkalizing, lemon helps rebalance the body and boost the immune system.

In addition, thanks to its detox action, lemon will regulate the digestive system and facilitate the elimination of toxins and fats. Rich in vitamin C, it will strengthen your immune system.

When you wake up, on an empty stomach, drink it lukewarm. Dilute the lemon in a bottle, to drink all day long.

Choose lemons from organic farming to benefit from all its benefits.

3. Black radish

Containing a high content of isothiocyanates and glucosinolates, molecules that have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, black radish has real health benefits.

In addition, it promotes the secretion and elimination of bile salts. It is also a diuretic.

Source of vitamin C and potassium, black radish can be consumed in salad or juice, mixed with carrot or apple to soften its pungent taste.

4. The kiwi

Full of antioxidants and vitamin C but also rich in copper, magnesium and potassium, the kiwi is the anti-ageing fruit to adopt.

It is also effective in fighting constipation and facilitating digestion.

King of winter, do not wait to put it on your plate.

5. Garlic

With its sulfur content and vitamin E, garlic is the perfect food during a detox period. It allows the evacuation of toxins and the cleansing of the body thanks to its diuretic effects.

In addition to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, garlic regulates cholesterol levels in the blood.

Consume the raw and crushed to retain its strengths.

About the Author: Jane Thompson

My name is Jane and I am a health fanatic! I love to eat healthy as well as live a healthy lifestyle. I live in Los Angeles, California with my two amazing yorkies Tasha and Alexander. Being a So-Cal girl means that I love spending time outside running, riding my bike, and going to the beach.