5 Creative Oat Breakfast Ideas

It protects the digestive system and provides energy for hours. Discover some amazing ideas for using it as a basis to design complete breakfasts and note its benefits on the skin (it hydrates and eliminates impurities).

1. Oats with cinnamon, grapes and apple

Grape. A great detoxifier, its content in copper and manganese helps to strengthen the bones, preventing osteoporosis.

Apple. It calms acidity and protects the heart.

Cinnamon. It promotes brain activity and relieves joint pain.

2. Oats with hazelnut, chocolate and compote

Dark chocolate. It is rich in tryptophan, a substance that favors the secretion of serotonin, which regulates (good) mood.

Compote. Provides vitamins and helps intestinal transit.

Hazelnut. Its consumption reduces anxiety and protects memory.

3. Oats with kefir, banana, kiwi and orange

Kefir. This fermented and creamy drink is an excellent probiotic that facilitates digestion, and also strengthens the immune system.

Banana. It protects the stomach from the appearance of ulcers and, because of its potassium content, regulates the proper functioning of the kidneys.

Orange. Rich in bioflavonoids, nutrients recognized for their anticancer properties, it also improves circulation.

Kiwi. Good source of vitamin C, it has some nutrients (lutein and zeaxanthin) that protect the eyes from cataracts and DMAE.

4. Oats with yogurt, raspberries, red and black cranberries

Nonfat yogurt. It is a source of calcium for your bones and stimulates the immune system thanks to its probiotic effect.

Raspberries. Because of their antioxidants, they delay ageing.

Cranberries. Its vitamin A protects hair, nails, bones and eyes.

5. Oats with chia seeds, dates and mango

Dates They are rich in fiber, which helps intestinal transit and the feeling of fullness. And its potassium stimulates brain activity.

Chia This seed is a source of protein, calcium, omega 3…

Mango. Antioxidant, helps to compensate blood pressure.

In recent years the importance of cereals in a healthy and balanced diet has returned to the tables grains that had been inexplicably relegated to animal consumption, as was the case with oats. This is one of the oldest cereals.

Rich in proteins, fiber, minerals, vitamins and complex carbohydrates, it helps maintain a balanced blood sugar level, which helps prevent diabetes.

The 6 Benefits of Oats

  • Double fiber. Oats are the only grain with soluble and insoluble fibers at the same time. Thanks to the insoluble fiber, it facilitates intestinal transit and reduces constipation. For its part, the action of the soluble (beta-glucans) is involved in the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL), as have been tested several studies in recent years. For this reason it is advisable to introduce oats in the diet, because it protects against cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is a great source of minerals. It is a grain rich in silica, which strengthens the body's tissues and memory. And because of its high phosphorus content, it is ideal to feed the brain especially.
  • The vitamins of group B predominate in oats. These are essential for the body to take advantage of the energy of the food. They also act as protectors of the arteries.
  • You can consume it in the form of drink, flour and flakes (below we show you ideas to combine them with healthy ingredients).
  • You can consume it in the form of grains, boiled, although its cooking is longer. In the form of bran, oats are even richer in fiber than in flakes. Add a teaspoon to your breakfasts.
  • It helps reduce cholesterol levels.

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