10 Scientifically Endorsed Foods to Lose Belly Fat

It's scientifically proven: these foods help eliminate those extra pounds! So what are you waiting for? It is time to add them to your menu!

1. Chia

The seed originated in Central America and has become famous in recent years because studies have associated their consumption with weight loss, especially in the belly area. The reason is in the combination of fibers and omega-3 type fat. While the former promote satiety, the latter seems to interfere with the mechanisms of the brain that regulate appetite.

2. Peppers

They help you lose weight because they are part of the thermogenic food team. This means that they raise the body's calorie burning capacity. In addition, there are indications that they contain compounds capable of facilitating digestion.

3. Oats

It is full of fiber and, for that reason alone, deserves to be part of your daily life, whether it is sprinkled on fruits for breakfast or in your evening soup. Scientific papers point out that oats taper the waist, lower cholesterol, and control blood sugar rates – when glucose stays stable, the likelihood of gluttony is less likely.

4. Low-fat yogurt

In addition to having few calories, the calcium housed there seems to interfere with fat cells and decreases the volume inside them. In short: yogurt helps to prevent weight gain and, above all, a fat belly.

5. Quinoa

This Andean cereal is complete from a nutritional point of view. It has a high protein load and comes packed with fiber, substances that lessen the need to kill hunger so soon. Research also demonstrates that it is an ally in the control of high cholesterol.

6. Sardine

This little fish is one of the main sources of omega-3. Various researches show that the nutrient reduces inflammation in the region of the brain that controls the desire to eat. It manages to better coordinate our appetite, leading to less food abuse.

7. Bitter chocolate

According to a study by the Royal University of Copenhagen in Denmark, tasting a fasting tablet can have such a potent satiety effect that the individual will ingest 15% less calories throughout the day. But remember: the chocolate has to be bitter and consumed in moderation (one tablet is enough).

8. Flaxseed

Various studies suggest that eating flaxseed at breakfast would be a practical way to improve satiety control and consume less food throughout the day. The result: weight loss. The main contributing element responsible for the feat is the super-concentration of fibers.

9. Black soybeans

Very popular in China, it is highly efficient for slimming. This is because, according to South Korean scientists, it is rich in anthocyanins, substances also present in red and purple fruits that decrease the filling of adipocytes, the fat cells.

10. Mate tea

The traditional pampas drink is very low in calories and contains a lot of caffeine, a substance that speeds up the metabolism and, consequently, fat burning. It is worth drinking hot or cold, but avoid it at night if you have trouble sleeping.

About the Author: Tony Parker

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