10 Foods to Replenish Energy Without Getting Fat

When you're tired, there are some foods that can help us get back into shape. Yes, but recharging energy without the calories, is it possible? In this article, you will discover the foods that help you get back into shape without the extra pounds that come with it!

1. Garlic

The garlic is small but strong!

Its richness in vitamins and antioxidants gives it anti-fatigue, anti-infectious and anti-bacterial properties.

It is, therefore, an ideal ally to pass through winter diseases while being low in calories (130 calories/100g).

2. Ginger

Ginger is an excellent tonic and natural fortifier of the body. It supports weakened and tired people by giving them back energy. It is associated with ginseng and maca, to increase its toning effects.

Low in calories and pleasantly perfumed, it is ideal during the cold season.

3. Dried fruits

The dried fruits are very energetic, at a rate of 359 calories per 100g, but they offer a quick satiety. A handful of dried fruits will therefore be of no consequence for the figure and will calm cravings between meals.

They also contain many minerals essential to the body such as iron and magnesium.

4. The avocado

Avocado is a fruit rich in fat but much less so than chips or sausage. It is also better for health and stalls hunger until the next meal.

Long removed from diets, it has regained its credentials thanks to the omega-3 it contains, which are good fats for weight loss.

5. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains magnesium. It helps fight against fatigue and energy decreases.

Very energetic, 550 calories on average for 100g, it is not caloric if its consumption is reasonable, 2 squares per day, preferably before going to the gym (to give a boost), rather than before to go to bed…

6. Cottage cheese

The white cheese provides calcium and proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

It offers good satiety, which allows to avoid small gaps between meals.

By taking it 0%, its calorie intake is very low: 50 calories on average for 100g.

7. Green beans

Rich in fiber and iron, green beans provide the energy needed by our body while being low in calories.

Favoring satiety, they are also excellent for digestion, which helps to keep or regain a flat stomach.

8. Pasta

As long as you avoid caloric additions such as butter or grated cheese, the pasta offers good satiety for a reasonable calorie intake (130 calories/100g).

Better to cook "al dente" to obtain a low glycemic index and thus promote a slower digestion.

9. Legumes

High in protein and carbohydrate, legumes provide a feeling of fullness and stimulate energy production and metabolism. They are satiating and promote weight loss.

Among the legumes richest in vitamins and minerals are lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans and beans.

10. The seafood

The seafood contains proteins, trace elements including iodine, selenium, copper and zinc, which aim to strengthen the immune system and allow the proper functioning of the body.

They contain less than 100 calories per 100g and are, therefore, put on the menu of a slimming diet (without the mayonnaise obviously).

About the Author: Mackenzie Brown

My name is Mackenzie and I hail from London, England. I am passionate about healthy food and exercise. I find myself at the gym 4 to 5 nights each week after work and on weekends when I am not busy volunteering at my local animal shelter. I love to travel, read, and listen to music. I am a huge fan of pop music.